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Enrolling in a higher education institution is not always financially feasible or convenient, but that shouldn’t discourage you from becoming a life long learner. Investing in education and expertise in a specific interest can be extremely beneficial and give you the boost you need to take your career, relationships, and business to the next level. Online courses are ideal for women who are on the go and advancing in their life. With a single click, you can pursue virtually any topic that interest you, like business, hobbies, relationships, health, finances, skills and the mind.


The PushHER Project was created to help ambitious woman, like you, invest in themselves!

This educational platform will give you the tools, techniques, training, and information from various fields of interest. You will have access to exclusive courses designed by skilled and diverse professionals and specialists to drive your success!

You will enjoy learning from the comfort of your home through engaging, interactive lessons. You will achieve immeasurable heights as you are pushed closer to your goals and dreams! You have questions and need information on how to start your business, how to sharpen your skills, how to expand and market your platform and how to grow in your personal life….you will find the answer to those questions here at the PushHER Project!

Are you the woman who desires to be challenged and find the answers to your problems? Are you the woman who desires breakthrough in her skills, interest and life? Explore the courses and become a member to take advantage of course discounts and benefits. Don’t want to become a member just yet? You can still take advantage of the courses by creating an account for free and purchasing a course at full price. Also, check out our shop and other “events” we have as well!

If you are interested in becoming a course contributor find more information HERE


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