How much does it cost to upload a course?

$0, to become a Contributor with the PushHER Project! Contributors will earn revenue based on how many courses they sell in the form of a direct deposit straight to the banking option of their choice! The PushHer Project will deduct just 15% from each guest enrollment.

Do Contributors earn revenue from Gold members who enroll?

Unfortunately no, the Gold membership is the driving income to transform PushHer Project into the Grand Vision. Contributors will only earn revenue from guest and black membership enrollment. At this time membership is not offered but will be in the future.

What if I already have a course on my own platform, can I sell it through the PushHer Project as well?

Yes, the PushHer Project encourages your course to be sold on more than one platform to reach as many women as you can. As part of the Contributor Terms and Agreement, any course available on the PushHer Project platform cannot be available to another third party platform unless owned by the Contributor.

What if I don’t know how to create my own course, how do I contribute?

No worries, all you need to be able to do, is record your course content and we will do the rest! You will be able to fill out a Contributor course form and we will create the course for you to have on the PushHer Project.

After I am approved to become a Course Contributor, when will my course be up on the site to sell?

After you complete all the necessary forms, your course will be available on the site for guest and members to enroll within 2-5 business days.

What if I decide I no longer want to partner with the PushHER Project, what will happen to my course?

Things happen and we understand!  If at any point you would like to remove your course from, you will be prompted to complete a course deletion form and must wait 12 months to resell that course on a third party platform (as states in the Contributor Terms and Agreement).

Can I be a Contributor and also enroll in other courses on the PushHER Project as a learner?