The 8 Week Manuscript Course

  • This course closed on 03/31/2020.

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This course is the solution to your procrastination in finishing your


Preparation welcomes opportunity. Whether you decide to self-publish or pitch your book to a literary agent/publishing company, your manuscript needs to be completed. The hardest thing about writing a book…is actually writing the book….. and the last time I checked, books do not write themselves! I am author Janay Brinkley and I was able to have my manuscript to my first non-fiction book completed in 3 weeks!!! After my manuscript was completed, I waited. 4 months later, an opportunity was offered to me to partner with an amazing self-publishing company. Then, once my book was complete, another opportunity opened up for me to present and discuss MY STORY on live television! I believe both opportunities were given to me, because when they presented themselves, I WAS PREPARED in having my manuscript and my book finished!! Now, I’m not holding you to the standards of my past accomplishments or promising the exact same chances, BUT what I can offer you is the formula and guidance to complete your manuscript to posture yourself for endless possibilities. It would be unfortunate if the opportunity in a book deal, self-publishing collaboration or even movie deal, came to you and your response was “Wait, let me finish my manuscript!” – opportunity LOST! This course I specifically created for YOU, to give YOU the strategy in: -Organizing your book ideas and concepts, -Sparking your creativity and helping you to be creative -Increasing your productivity and -Ultimately pushing you to finish with accountability and a plan!

You can literally enroll in this course once and have the system to create and produce amazing fiction and non-fiction stories over and over and over again!

I desire for YOU to embrace and capture beautiful opportunities for your fiction and non-fiction writing. In this course you will receive 8-weeks of intense coaching from me, which will include The 8 Week Manuscript Course Workbook as well as BONUS 8WM Worksheets for download!  

The 8 Week Manuscript Course Workbook

30 pages full of assignments, for each week of the course to help you compile your ideas and focus your mind on your story, including your very own customized writing schedule!


BONUS 8WM Worksheets

10 pages of extra tools to assist you in writing

-“Chapter Maps”

-Character Analysis sheets

-Creativity Sparks for more captivating story lines

-“Better Vocabulary” sheet

-“Better Sentences” sheet


Weekly intense coaching to complete your story, including 40 pages of curriculum at an affordable price!

This course is an investment that will alter your future!


Now I will warn you, this course includes WORK & COMMITMENT, so with that being said, it is only for the serious. Enroll if you are ready to be pushed to the finish line! Prepare for your future today! 

Limited Spots Available


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Course Information

Estimated Time: 8 Weeks

Difficulty: Advanced


  • Enrollment in this course closed on 12/31/2019.

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