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Can your “idea” become a service or product and possibly a business? Absolutely!

This journal will transform your idea into a business by giving you direction and the confidence to move forward in execution. Take an in depth look at yourself and then your idea as you will get a firm grasp on your business values, mission statement, target market, organizational structure, marketing strategy/analysis and more! Need help with becoming a credible business and reaching success? This journal is for you!

  • What if your idea isn’t the problem, but what if the problem is your self-esteem?
  • What if you’re discouragement regarding business was defeated, if you knew what phase of an idea you were in?
  • What kind of relationships do you need in order to see a vision come alive?
  • How do you know what “category” of business you belong in?
  • How should you price your product or services?


This journal is perfect for current and future “small” business owners and entrepreneurs! It is filled with insight and workbook sections for you to complete and push you to research, in order to give you the same advantages as large corporations. Including intense questions and a structured framework to strengthen your idea and bring your dreams to reality. Don’t begin a business without clarity OR take the opportunity to re-structure and adjust your vision.


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