Leadership Memos


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Why is this necessary?

Because every leader has moments where they may ask themselves questions like….

“Is this even worth it?”

“Am I doing a good job in leading?”

“What am I missing as a leader and why am I not seeing progress?”

“How can I better myself, so those who follow me will trust me more?”

“Do I even trust myself to lead?”

We all need reminders, sometimes daily, to remain focused on our purpose and health as a leader. This book includes 31 days of memos, to you, the leader, on your leadership ability. We want to see you grow as a person, a woman and a leader! We want to see you, your house, your vision, your organization, your team, your family…..become greater than yesterday! Why? Because without you leading at your maximum ability, this world will suffer and we need you to help us progress forward!

Also, with this book, we believe it will ignite your personal thoughts on true leadership, so we provided extra space below our memos, for you to write and create your own!

Don’t be shy…grab one for you and a friend!


5×8 softcover


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