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Coursera moves into healthcare education with 100 courses and 2 Master’s degrees

Coursera, the online learning startup valued at $850 million, has made its name primarily around its classes and degrees in information technology, data science and business. Now nearly seven years into its life, it’s tackling a new vertical. To tap into shifting economic and societal trends, Coursera  is moving into health, with around 100 courses in 30 areas, along with two master’s degrees in public health, to help train people to fill current and future talent shortages in health informatics, healthcare management, public health and related roles.


(By Ingrid Lunden, Techcrunch, January 17, 2019

Microsoft Learning Tools may be one of the company’s best-kept secrets and its greatest asset to helping students improve reading and writing.

Microsoft Learning Tools is a set of free tools “that implement proven techniques to improve reading and writing for people regardless of their age or ability.”

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(Picture Source: Microsoft) By Jason Ward, Windows Central, September 10, 2018

How 174 Year Old Pearson Is Developing The Netflix Of Education

Albert Hitchcock joined 174 year old Pearson as Chief Information Officer in early 2014, the company was already in the throes of a major transformation. It had moved its emphasis from publishing to education, and would announce a dedication to the latter the following year.


(Picture Source: PushHER Project, logo source, Wikepedia & StickPNG) By Peter High, August 20, 2018

LeBron’s Education Promise Needs to Become This Country’s Promise

In addition to meals, job training for parents, and even a bicycle and helmet for every student, the school offers guaranteed college tuition for everyone who goes on to graduate high school.

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(Picture Source: Phil Long AP) By Dave Ziren, The Nation, August 1, 2018

Nigerian Activist Uses Education to Counter Impact of Boko Haram Violence

How This EdTech Company Is Thriving In The Education And Music Industries

Tonara was founded in 2011 in Israel. The startup was built by a group of musicians and technology innovators who are committed to the future generation of music performers.

Together, they have combined their love of music, education, and technology to create a musical practicing app that provides practice for students and an additional revenue stream for educators.

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(Picture Source: Tonara) By: Robyn Shulman,, July 22, 2018

South Africa’s new Prison to College Pipeline program seeks to address recidivism by providing prisoners with access to public university-level education.

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(Picture Source: Sydelle Willow Smith) By: Julia Steers, NBC News, July 21, 2018

These are the Billionaires Pushing Charter School Expansion in States

“Gates and other philanthropists who see them as investments in developing better and different ways to educate those who struggle in traditional school systems, particularly children in poor, urban areas. Studies on academic success are mixed.”

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(Picture Source: Jose Luis Magana/AP) By: The Associated Press July 16, 2018

Apple Partners with Malala Fund to Support Girls’ Education in Latin America

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(Picture Source: Apple) By: Saoirse Kerrigan July, 14th 2018

University of Chicago becomes first elite college to make SAT, ACT optional for applicants

The new policy, which is being implemented starting with the Class of 2023, is meant to help even the playing field for students coming from low-income and underrepresented communities, university officials said.

“In addition, the university announced it will also start providing full-tuition scholarships for students whose families earn less than $125,000 per year and expand scholarships available to veterans and children of police officers and firefighters”.

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(Picture Source: Adam Alexander Photography) By Aamer Madhani Updated June 15, 2018