They Say “Prepare” We Say PROGRESS!

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The PushHER Project will be the solution to this inconceivable, yet harsh reality of the price of a higher education institution costing comparable to a house mortgage and/or a life insurance policy. We believe it is a poor investment model to expect people to pay a six-figure sum in education for future endeavors and not guarantee a six-figure salary from employment in return. We do believe in education having value, but not value that will require someone to be forced into debt and have opportunity outweigh resources available. The PushHER Project seeks to disrupt this societal norm with the GRAND VISION as the solution to this current and future problem….for women.

“We prepare by progressing not conforming.”

– Janay Brinkley, Creator of the PushHER Project


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The vision for the PushHER Project does not end with a website platform. The grand vision includes the PushHER Project transforming into several PushHER Project Resource Centers in low-income areas. The resource centers will include classrooms for training, mentorship programs, coaching and tutoring; lecture halls for college course and trade accreditation and speaker presentations; and have the ability to pay educators and employees a full salary. The PushHER Project will also be able to provide funds for start-up businesses and scholarships for women who cannot afford to advance their education. This is a very large vision, however, with the beginning in this online platform, it will be possible.

The PushHER Project is a subsidiary of March 31st Ministries LLC, established in 2017. If you would like to assist in seeing the Grand Vision of the PushHER Project come to life, you may do so by contributing below.

PushHER Project GRAND VISION Contribution

Your contribution to the PushHER Project will have a monumental impact on numerous women in search of purpose and opportunity. Thank you for your thought and resource for the future!